Thanks Chelsea.

The destruction of Chelsea's chompers.
The destruction of Chelsea’s chompers.



This is what happens when you are intoxicated and begin to bite other individuals, and then one decides to bite back. Yeah, actually, this isn’t going to stop me from biting people even still.






October is one of my favorite months ever. Not just because my birthday happens to be contained in it, but because of the glorious weather, Halloween, fall scents such as cinnamon and pumpkin pie, haunted houses [I have visited just one so far.], and all of the super fun events that tend to take place during the beginning of fall.

This year has brought so many changes, and it is so stunning how quickly time flies. “Don’t waste your time, or time will waste you.” I heard this quote the other day, and it made me seriously reconsider my procrastination habits. There are things I have put off for what feels like years, and I don’t want to find myself any older still feeling unaccomplished. I don’t want to wake up one day and discover that I have wasted so many precious years of my life doing nothing relevant.

Handmade wrist pin cushion.

Today was a very lazy Sunday; usually dedicated to be my homework day, but instead turned out to be a semi craft day. Whenever I am procrastinating on school work, I actually begin to do other tasks that I’ve been needing to do, and so I guess it is not entirely a wasteful procrastination?

Made with scrap fabric and interfacing around my house.

Made with scrap fabric and interfacing that was laying around my house.

I made this little wrist pin cushion after I saw a designer somewhere on television with one of these. I can’t count how many times I have struggled pinning things on a dress form, or pinning some tiny seam allowance, and I would have to stretch over to my container of pins. Noooot anymore! By the way, mosquitoes love me.

And how adorable is that piggy patch? I love chubby pigs, especially when they are dressed in clothing. AND ESPECIALLY when they are holding baskets.

Embellished with this little inane patch I found at an old warehouse.
Embellished with this little inane patch I found at an old warehouse.

 Among other things that I did this weekend; I celebrated Cisco’s birthday, one of my guy friends, and by the end of the night we ended up in an ollllld diner that looked like it was last updated in 1960.


I also visited this supposedly super haunted restaurant called the Catfish Plantation with two cosplay friends; Nick and Angel. Now I must tell you that I am a huge skeptic, I need cold hard facts and scientific evidence before I will jump to any conclusion; but that place literally sent chills up my spine.
They hosted a special after hours event, which included a buffet of delicious catfish, chicken, wine and beer, hush puppies, sweet potato fries, and other goodies. Afterwards they gave us a tour and a detailed history of the location. There were several moments in a specific spots where my arms were covered in goosebumps, and my neck and back felt chilled, but that could have easily just been the excitement.


When I got back home, I looked up online media on the place, and I found this video: : A featurette of the restaurant on the Travel Channel.
I plan to take my mother and father there for lunch. :D

Zelda Progress; 45% complete.

zelda progress

Because I lost my last list.

I am the type of person that needs a structured environment to operate at maximum efficiency. There are people out there that are FAR worse with their obsessive need to remain structured at all times, but I still have to make lists in order to execute tasks.

A while ago, I began making a long term To Do list, because I find it gratifying to strike through objectives. However, I lost that list, and figured it would be good practice to begin a new one.

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The Retard Chronicles.

What an amazing summer it has been!

Highlights (in no particular order) of it include:

1. El Paso, TX; Dad, Chico’s Tacos, and my most loved cousins.
2. A-kon.
3. Turner Falls, OK; Camping for a weekend in a stunning location with cooling waterfalls.
4. Houston, TX; Chinatown, my asian Papa, great company, and lots of REAL Chinese food.
5. Family!
6. Plenty of nights out with my inane friends.
7. Up next; BOSTON, Massachusetts!

In case anyone is curious, Samus made a full recovery, and is back to her normal self. She just gets cuter with each day.


Sick child.

Since last Wednesday, my little doggy Samus has been really sick. All of Thursday she thew up, day and night, and has continued to throw up; refusing both water and food. The vet told me that it looks like she has pancreatitis, which is caused by a few things, including fatty meat.  Her throwing up has finally calmed down some, and I have caught her drinking water a few times on her own, but she is still refusing to eat. It has been SIX days since she has eaten, I’m so terribly worried. I’ve taken her to the vet twice already, spoken to him a couple of times on the phone, and he told me that if she doesn’t start to eat by Wednesday or Thursday, then we have issues. It depresses me so much to see my little dog suffering.

In other news, I’ve been spending a lot of time with family and friends instead of working on my projects, so I suppose I need to get back to that.

I have several tutorials that I plan to add, as well as progress on Zelda for my next post. Until then, my petunias.

An important announcement:

I love to floss!


Orange jews.

Today's breakfast, woo!

Today's breakfast, woo!

My summer thus far has been very relaxing, it’s such a striking difference to what my life is like during school. I’ve been enjoying every moment of sleeping later than usual, lounging around in pajamas on my days off, and watching movies that I failed to see during the past several months. I’m terribly excited about the release of Watchmen on DVD.

As far as my Zelda costume goes I’m still in the patterning process, I’ve got the muslin just about finished, and I’ll be able to take it into the self fabric soon.

Zelda Muslin

Getting there.

 I have also been trying to locate the crystals that hang off of Zelda’s armor, but let me tell you, it is one huge pain in the ass to  try and match them consistently. I recently purchased crystal points, and I don’t know if they match well enough.

The crystal points are quartz and the smaller ones are lucite.

The crystal points are quartz and the smaller ones are lucite.


My mom has been out of town for the past several days, it’s been fun, but I do get a little lonely for human company, otherwise I’ve got my child and grandchild around to keep me company.

Princess Zelda, the only princess in my life.

Princess Zelda, the only princess in my life.

My granddaughter.

My granddaughter, Samus and the monkey friend she carries around EVERYWHERE.

So you like looking trashy, huh?

Yes, I most certainly do.

Whenever I get caught in the riptide that is school, I sometimes forget to eat, play with Batman that is locked in my closet, sleep, and brush my hair.

I’m sitting in the computer lab, killing some time before I have to head to a fashion show that is going to be held in a children’s shelter, and the kids themselves will be the models. We are actually going to make them t-shirts, and then hold a fashion show for them to strut their little garments.

Why is it that the one day you have to be on time somewhere is the day that you run into shitloads of traffic due to cops pulled over on the side of the road?  Today I had a digital portfolio presentation, and I’m getting my grade deducted because I was five minutes late into the classroom. I even left my house extra early to be on time.

Now that I have just one day left of school, I’ve already started to revamp, and give it the attention I’ve been meaning to give it for a couple of years. It’s quite sad that it has been since 2006 since I have done anything with this domain. When I thought about the reasons WHY I haven’t, I drew a blank. And then it dawned on me that I haven’t really had much of life, much less any time for myself these past few years.

This summer I MUST build up my portfolio, because it is rather skimped on actual garment examples.

Now that I will have ample time, I’m also going to begin adding tutorials. :D

I like to put stickers on turtles.

My god. Why am I still up? I’m nearly done finishing the muslin/prototype for my Career Day garment. My spring break flew by, and really, I have nothing to show for it.

This Saturday, I’ll be going to Foofie’s birthday party, and also on Sunday I will be going to an Andrew Bird concert! WOO. Ughhh, I don’t want to go back to school this Monday, noooo.

Wow, I’m coherent tonight.

I need to get into the habit of writing again.

Also, Katie and I have decided we are going to be Silent Hill nurses this year for Halloween.