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Thanks Chelsea.

The destruction of Chelsea’s chompers.     This is what happens when you are intoxicated and begin to bite other individuals, and then one decides to bite back. Yeah, actually, this isn’t going to stop me from biting people even still.           October is one of my favorite months ever. Not [...]

Handmade wrist pin cushion.

Today was a very lazy Sunday; usually dedicated to be my homework day, but instead turned out to be a semi craft day. Whenever I am procrastinating on school work, I actually begin to do other tasks that I’ve been needing to do, and so I guess it is not entirely a wasteful procrastination? I [...]

Zelda Progress; 45% complete.

Because I lost my last list.

I am the type of person that needs a structured environment to operate at maximum efficiency. There are people out there that are FAR worse with their obsessive need to remain structured at all times, but I still have to make lists in order to execute tasks. A while ago, I began making a long [...]

The Retard Chronicles.

What an amazing summer it has been! Highlights (in no particular order) of it include: 1. El Paso, TX; Dad, Chico’s Tacos, and my most loved cousins. 2. A-kon. 3. Turner Falls, OK; Camping for a weekend in a stunning location with cooling waterfalls. 4. Houston, TX; Chinatown, my asian Papa, great company, and lots [...]

Sick child.

Since last Wednesday, my little doggy Samus has been really sick. All of Thursday she thew up, day and night, and has continued to throw up; refusing both water and food. The vet told me that it looks like she has pancreatitis, which is caused by a few things, including fatty meat.  Her throwing up [...]

An important announcement:

I love to floss!

Orange jews.

My summer thus far has been very relaxing, it’s such a striking difference to what my life is like during school. I’ve been enjoying every moment of sleeping later than usual, lounging around in pajamas on my days off, and watching movies that I failed to see during the past several months. I’m terribly excited [...]

So you like looking trashy, huh?

Yes, I most certainly do. Whenever I get caught in the riptide that is school, I sometimes forget to eat, play with Batman that is locked in my closet, sleep, and brush my hair. I’m sitting in the computer lab, killing some time before I have to head to a fashion show that is going [...]

I like to put stickers on turtles.

My god. Why am I still up? I’m nearly done finishing the muslin/prototype for my Career Day garment. My spring break flew by, and really, I have nothing to show for it. This Saturday, I’ll be going to Foofie’s birthday party, and also on Sunday I will be going to an Andrew Bird concert! WOO. [...]