Alessa Gillespie – Silent Hill 1

Game/Cartoon Series: Silent Hill 1
Character: Alessa Gillespie
Character Age: 14
Character Height: UNKNOWN
Character Sex: Female




Date of Completion: May 2003alessaref1
Amount of Time: 15hr.
General Cost: $25.00
Costume Debut: A-kon 14
Worn At: A-kon 14
Awards, if any: None
Adores: The fake burns.
Abhors: REMOVAL of the fake burns.

Why I picked it:
Alessa is hot, even with pus oozing from her scalded skin! She has such a tragic story.. it really made me care for this character in the horror series of Silent Hill. She was so young and innocent, and yet her mother used her as a tool.

Creation Notes: The hospital pajamas were given to me by a friend. The majority of the costume had to be made up every time I put it on. The main “accessories” to the costume are the burns and bandages. Without those, you can’t really tell Alessa apart from other sickly hospital inhabitants.

I owe a lot of the credit to the talented Robert Langston who did my makeup. He put such amazing detail into it. First, he helped wrap the bandages around my body. After that, I sat in my bra and gauze as he set the base down for the burns. He used a blend of powder makeup (colors of sea green, blue, red, and purple) to draw in fatigue. He made a rib outline on my torso, and then proceeded to make my face look tired. He set the highs and lows of the shadows with black eye makeup on my face. Then came the sticky stuff. We used Woochie’s Burn Scar stuff, and let me inform you, that crap stinks. It smells like old Jell-o. After he applied the scars to my face, he powdered them and made them look raw and infected.

The first time I removed the burn scars, I made the mistake of not wetting them first. I started peeling off chunks from my face, and I couldn’t quite figure out why it hurt so much to do it. When I had more than half of it off of my face, I came to the realization that the pieces had itty bitty little white hairs. I had been pretty much waxing the peach fuzz off of my cheek. I felt really, really dumb. The day I wore it to A-kon was a miserable experience. The con was so packed, and I also had to lead a Pyramid Head around by the hand. That is hard work, my friend.



I think the pictures that were taken lean towards artistry. They’re not really meant to show off the costume, I guess. But part of Alessa’s charm is the creepiness, so it works.

 The costume was breezy to wear, and all I had to do was look like a mopey goth in a hospital bed to achieve DA LOOK.

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