Mayu – Fatal Frame 2


Game/Cartoon Series: Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly
Character: Mayu Amakura (Original Type A)
Character Age: 15
Character Height: UNKNOWN
Character Sex: Female



Date of Completion: October 2004mayu3
Amount of Time: 50hr+
General Cost: $100.00 for the twins
Costume Debut: Halloween, heh.
Worn At: A-kon 16
Awards, if any: None
Adores: The lace on the costumes.
Abhors: The way my wig poofs out and makes me look like a 60’s gogo girl, according to Miki. Also, the white “tongue” on the Mayu dress. AND THE DUMB CHICKEN LEG SHOES.

Why I picked it:
My friend, Peach, loaned me the videogame, and as soon as I picked it up, I fell in love with the two twins. Also, while I was in class, Chelsea shows me a magazine clipping with the two girls, and told me “we should cosplay the girls!” I agreed at the time, but it was nothing too serious. So one day, we were brainstorming, attempting to find a duo cosplay for the next convention. We decided to get started early so we wouldn’t have to rush next year. And that’s what we did. The twins are kinda lesbiany with each other, so that made us like them even more, hah. I don’t even consider them separate characters, to Chelsea and me, they are one entity.

Creation Notes: Chelsea was kind enough to supply the material, she helped me sew them together. Making the costume together was just an excuse to spend time with my Chonk. We were very happy with the way the costumes came out. Sewing the lace on was probably the funnest, but most pain-staking part. We actually didn’t plan to wear the costumes for Halloween, it just.. happened. mayu4

We were the pickiest with the brown material. We didn’t want the outfits to look like costumes, so we chose this suede-like brown fabric. It was such a pain to work with it though. It required such precise fitting in order to avoid unnecessary wrinkles. When we found the white material for Mio’s skirt, I was surprised to find it in a tube. We didn’t place a single stitch on that skirt in order to make it.

Chelsea needs help every time that she gets into her costume, because her shirt is very tight on her. It was made that way on purpose, since we did not want Mio OR Mayu to look like a frumpy grandma. Whenever either of us wiggle into our costumes, we become flat teenagers. The brown material is so constricting that we soon find ourselves boobless. I guess that’s a good thing for the Amakura costumes..?

Our bows were made of red bias tape, but we’re going to remake those. They didn’t hold very well, and flopped easily. We’ll probably use wired ribbon for the next pair of bows that we make. Speaking of which, we still need to make our camera…

The wigs. They were the biggest rush job of the century. We bought them and styled them the same day in order to be ready for Halloween night. We took turns putting on our wigs and cutting them to the desired length. The wigs are not exactly identical in color. Chelsea’s looks a lot like Rinoa’s hair color, but it works, I think. Mine is a little shorter, but I’m overall happy with it. We were hoping that someone recognized our costumes, but the closest thing we got to it was “Japanese school girls”.
Another problem that was presented to us was making ourselves look like twins. People tell us sometimes that Chelsea and I look related; that is also what sparked the idea to cosplay the twins. Chelsea and I had to pluck our eyebrows the same way, and use makeup to make our features look identical. We did as best as we could.

The costumes came out well, in my opinion. They still look a little too costume-y for me, but I guess it’s unavoidable since they ARE costumes. Chelsea looks hot in her costume!

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