Because I lost my last list.

I am the type of person that needs a structured environment to operate at maximum efficiency. There are people out there that are FAR worse with their obsessive need to remain structured at all times, but I still have to make lists in order to execute tasks.

A while ago, I began making a long term To Do list, because I find it gratifying to strike through objectives. However, I lost that list, and figured it would be good practice to begin a new one.


  1. Learn German.
  2. Own a large affectionate and playful dog, such as a husky, or german shepherd.
  3. Visit the Cayman Islands.
  4. Become a better cake decorator.
  5. Be a more thoughtful gift giver.
  6. Take my mother to the spa.
  7. Make Spartan VI armor.
  8. Move to a city that I have not lived in where there is lots of snow in winter.
  9. Learn to surf.
  10. Own a motorcycle and not kill or injure myself on it.
  11. Visit old family friends in Alaska.
  12. Eat Greek food near the Aegean Sea shore.
  13. Launch a women’s wear clothing line.
  14. Earn Recon armor in Halo 3.
  15. Actively create artwork again and have more gallery exhibitions.
  16. Buy parents a nice home next to me so that I can torture them when they are older and helpless.
  17. See another Dj Tiesto show.
  18. Return to our family’s estate in Guadalupe and take lots of photographs.
  19. Dress like a tranny for one night.
  20. Modify my vehicle.
  21. Go fishing.
  22. Visit and explore the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, TX.  
  23. Have a Nintendo themed picnic [God I'm a dork].
  24. Get back into rock climbing.
  25. Learn to play an instrument that does not include a triangle.
  26. Take boxing classes.

This list is far from done, but for now that is all that I can think of. More to be added…uh, one day.

One Response to “Because I lost my last list.”

  1. Dynasty Says:

    Pata, I got you on the boxing classes.

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