Orange jews.

Today's breakfast, woo!

Today's breakfast, woo!

My summer thus far has been very relaxing, it’s such a striking difference to what my life is like during school. I’ve been enjoying every moment of sleeping later than usual, lounging around in pajamas on my days off, and watching movies that I failed to see during the past several months. I’m terribly excited about the release of Watchmen on DVD.

As far as my Zelda costume goes I’m still in the patterning process, I’ve got the muslin just about finished, and I’ll be able to take it into the self fabric soon.

Zelda Muslin

Getting there.

 I have also been trying to locate the crystals that hang off of Zelda’s armor, but let me tell you, it is one huge pain in the ass to  try and match them consistently. I recently purchased crystal points, and I don’t know if they match well enough.

The crystal points are quartz and the smaller ones are lucite.

The crystal points are quartz and the smaller ones are lucite.


My mom has been out of town for the past several days, it’s been fun, but I do get a little lonely for human company, otherwise I’ve got my child and grandchild around to keep me company.

Princess Zelda, the only princess in my life.

Princess Zelda, the only princess in my life.

My granddaughter.

My granddaughter, Samus and the monkey friend she carries around EVERYWHERE.

3 Responses to “Orange jews.”

  1. PEACH Says:

    The puppies! Princess looks so precious and Samus looks so cute with her little monkey.

    I totally love the crystals. They look just like the ones in the picture. You’re going to own it NEE!

  2. necrotic Says:

    Hey, your zelda outfit looks amazing so far.

    I was wondering where you got the blue crystal points like the ones you have shown in the picture. I am making the pendant that Kilik from SoulCalibur wears.
    Its shown on this picture:

    I have looked for hours and hours and the only thing I found that even closely resembles what I’m looking for is this picture you have.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. admin Says:

    Hey Necrotic, thank you for the compliment, I truly appreciate it!

    As far as the crystal points, trust me I can completely empathize with you. I searched for two months trying to find crystals that came even close to some of the jewels on Zelda’s costume. I have ordered so much crap online that I cannot even remember what came from where.

    However, when I ordered the blue crystal points I actually purchased extra out of fear of breaking one, sooo if you are interested I will be willing to sell you one at $5.00 + shipping. Does that sound fair? Just let me know so I can post it on etsy or ebay or something.

    Good luck on your cosplay! I would really love to see it when you are done. :)

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