So you like looking trashy, huh?

Yes, I most certainly do.

Whenever I get caught in the riptide that is school, I sometimes forget to eat, play with Batman that is locked in my closet, sleep, and brush my hair.

I’m sitting in the computer lab, killing some time before I have to head to a fashion show that is going to be held in a children’s shelter, and the kids themselves will be the models. We are actually going to make them t-shirts, and then hold a fashion show for them to strut their little garments.

Why is it that the one day you have to be on time somewhere is the day that you run into shitloads of traffic due to cops pulled over on the side of the road?  Today I had a digital portfolio presentation, and I’m getting my grade deducted because I was five minutes late into the classroom. I even left my house extra early to be on time.

Now that I have just one day left of school, I’ve already started to revamp, and give it the attention I’ve been meaning to give it for a couple of years. It’s quite sad that it has been since 2006 since I have done anything with this domain. When I thought about the reasons WHY I haven’t, I drew a blank. And then it dawned on me that I haven’t really had much of life, much less any time for myself these past few years.

This summer I MUST build up my portfolio, because it is rather skimped on actual garment examples.

Now that I will have ample time, I’m also going to begin adding tutorials. :D

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  1. Peach Says:

    Nitza, I am eggcited about the return of your website. I feel like crap because I have had my domain since January and haven’t done a thing with it. Between school and doing work for other people, when I finally have a moment to work on it, either I have lost all of my energy or am asleep. Not only that but I’m practically glued to the computer doing my schoolwork because I have all computer classes this semester. It’s what I’ve always wanted and yet I’m struggling the most I have this semester. My eyes hurt and most importantly my brain hurts.

    It’s a real mess. Enough bout my disasterpiece. :D I think your blog on the main page is great for easy updates and entries without stressing yourself out in between school and work. I need to follow in your footsteps and pay more attention to my domain as well because although this is only one of our thousands of hobbies, it’s the one that allows us to each keep up with the other’s work and let others do the same! :D I definitely think that dis blog needs a Nee-Image pasted on top of it. It needs a Nee “photo of the month” on the side. Why? Because you’re a badass. That’s why. Any kueshuns just calt me.

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