Cosplay Tutorials Coming Soon:

  1. Why is my fabric skewing/buckling?

  2. Synthetic Fibers VS. Natural Fibers: What Is Best For My Cosplay?

  3. How To Get Perfect Darts

  4. How To Tell What Kind Of Fabric You Have

  5. Different Kinds Of Hem Finishes

  6. Beading

  7. Basic Tools A Cosplayer Should Have

  8. How To Make a Silent Hill Nurse Mask

  9. The Importance Of A Muslin When Making A Costume

  10. How To Make Easy Facings For Your Garmet

  11. Craft Foam 101

  12. Styling A Hood For a Hoodless Bodice

  13. Sew Embroidery Fast Without An Expensive Embroidery Machine

  14. Appliques – Different Types + How Tos

  15. Your Inside Should Look As Good As Your Outside: Something That Cosplayers Often Forget

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